“We started applying Clearwinner AM-AC MP to our fuel 3 years ago and now use it everytime we have a fresh delivery. Since using Clearwinner AM-AC MP we have seen a marked improvement in the overall performance of our equipment and the engines sound a great deal better! We would recommend that all operators of agricultural machinery seriously consider using this product.” 
Alan McGregor, McGregor Farms, Coldstream, Berwickshire, who farm over 8,000 acres. 
CLEARWINNER HYDROS LA88 - Marine fuel treatment 
Thames River Cruises and Circular Cruises Westminster, operate a number of vessels plying the River Thames. 
“Application of HYDROS LA88 has ensured that issues of water contamination and Diesel "bug" manifestation in the vessels and main storage tanks are averted and as a result, a trouble free operation continues." 
Kevin Puttnam, Chief Engineer - Thames River Cruises and Circular Cruises Westminster 
CLEARWINNER FLEET TREAT - Diesel fuel treatment 
Longthornes of Hebden operate a fleet of 16 eight wheeler and 13 articulated tipper trucks from their depot near Skipton, North Yorkshire, principally hauling aggregates from quarries. 
“We initially introduced FLEET TREAT to our fuel, in order to counteract any condensation build up in the fuel storage tanks. After regularly applying FLEET TREAT we have had no recurrence of Diesel “bug” and our tanks remain free from water. Also, our vehicles run very efficiently on FLEET TREAT and as a result, wear and tear on injectors and fuel pumps is minimal. 
I would definitely recommend FLEET TREAT as an inexpensive form of preventive maintenance, to other road haulage operators”. 
Mark Longthorne, Longthornes of Hebden 
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